We regret to inform everyone that we are cancelling the Photo Contest due to lack of entries.  The entries we did receive showed remarkable thought and talent and we greatly appreciate the effort exhibited in the photographs.  However, we do not feel that we can proceed with the contest with the few entries that have been received.

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enter and help us make this an annual event!





Go to the Entry Form Page to Enter - $10 Entry Fee Is Required

We created this contest in the interest of promoting the art of photography. Please, be creative, have fun, and continue to pursue the passion.  We also wanted this to count for something, so we are helping Operation Photo Rescue in conjunction with the 2nd place photo.

Please visit their website & see if you can help.


A J100 tripod will be donated to the Photographic School of your choice as outlined in the rules, in the name of the 3rd Place Winner

A J100 tripod will be auctioned on E-Bay, with the proceeds going to Operation Photo Rescue in the name of the 2nd Place Winner.

​ 1st


Winners Choice - Tripod (A100, J100, or H100) and Head (A200, A250, J100, or J250.  Custom Engraved with winners name.




Winners will be announced on February 28, 014

Visit "Ries Tripod" to See The Entire Line